DALI Troubleshooting


All Digilin fittings are tested prior to dispatch from our factory. This test includes power-up of fixture and response to DALI broadcast commands. Most reported DALI issues are caused by field cabling, predominantly open circuit (or short circuit) of the DALI network.

Troubleshooting Steps

Have you checked the DALI wiring, looking for open circuits or shorts?

  • An open circuit on the DALI line can prevent DALI signal from reaching individual or multiple fixtures. This is the most common cause of a single fixture fault.
  • A short circuit on the DALI line can prevent DALI signal from reaching all of the fixtures. This is the most common cause of a multiple (full network) fixture faults.

How many fixtures are on the network?

  • DALI supports a maximum of 64 fixtures per network.

Is there a DALI power supply on the network?

  • What voltage does it measure?
  • DALI Standard requires 9.5V – 22.5V

What DALI control system or interface is being used to control the fixture/s?

  • Is the network being controlled via broadcast or addressed commands?
  • If it using broadcast and steps 1-3 are all OK, the fixture/s will require factory inspection.
  • If using addressed commands, did you test the fixture/s ability to respond to broadcast commands?
  • If the fixture responds to broadcast commands, it is operational via DALI and the network and fixture settings needs to be checked again.

Do you have a suitable commissioning tool for interrogating the DALI network?

  • Can the fitting be identified on the DALI network?
  • Please check the settings for action upon DALI failure.
  • If this action is set to off, the fixture will not respond if DALI is not present
  • If this action is set to anything above 0%, the fixture will not dim or turn off if DALI is not present.


If the above steps do not identify the cause of issue, the fixture/s will need to be returned to Digilin for factory inspection.
Digilin warranty will cover the cost of this inspection if the product is found to be faulty. If the product is tested and identified as fully operational, charges will apply for Digilin inspection.

Digilin can be contacted via phone on 07 3899 1267 or via email [email protected]