Achieving quality white light from RGBW LED systems

RGBW LED systems have been part of the Digilin range for many years, and they have always served as a colour mixing system with an additional white channel so that the system can produce a true (normally warm) white. Primarily these have been used in hospitality and entertainment applications where the RGB colour mixing can provide dynamic colour shows, however a classic or elegant look can be achieved with the use of the white channel.

We have offered two and three channel white systems as the preferred method for dynamic or tuneable white products, with the view that a mixture of the white channels gives the best range of whites and improved light quality.

Recently we have shifted our preference towards RGBW for tuneable white systems due to the wider range of whites available from these systems, and the ease in which a reliably pure white can be achieved. We were quite impressed with the outcome of the RGBW system when measured on our spectrometer and we can confidently say that our resulting white light from our RGBW system is as good as the white produced from our fixed colour systems. Quite surprisingly we managed to improve CRI of some of the colour temperatures beyond the CRI of the foundation white LEDs within the RGBW system.

When you consider all of the existing benefits of RGBW LED systems, the ability to produce a quality white across the spectrum is extremely advantageous. We like it so much that we wrote a quick document detailing the factors behind it all. This document is available for download here:

Digilin – Colour Mixing Information