Wood Residence

Digilin’s compact exterior range delivered incredible results in this Latin-American inspired garden. Adjacent to the main entertainment area is an extensive, multi-level garden with iconic desert plants, including palms, shrubs and various cacti. Larger trees are lit with Digilin Taipan outdoor fittings, using precise optics to perfectly illuminate the trunk and foliage of the trees, resulting in interesting shadows of the shapes of the leaves being projected across the rear fence.

The centrepiece to the yard is a mosaic adorned fountain. Inspired by the central fountains found in South American towns and villages, this smaller version is no less ornate, with brightly coloured tiles and vivid patterns. The fountain is boarded by two custom-made pots. Digilin Taipans and Tridents feature in lighting the front and internals of the fountain. Small yoke mount versions are hidden in the rear of the pots to ensure the upper section of the fountain is lit, while fittings under the water create an animated glow from the rippling surface.

Another two custom mosaic panels, sourced from a favourite artist in Mexico, overlook the yard from a nearby feature wall. These are lit by a custom recessed LED strip. The entire system can be dimmed via a PosiDim controller panel mounted on a waterproof wall plate on the rear of the fountain.