Western Australian Museum Boola Bardip

Digilin’s Sabre exterior linear system fitted with Sunlike 4000K full spectrum growlight LEDs has been installed at the recently completed Museum Boola Bardip in Western Australia to preserve what are believed to be Australia’s oldest grapevines (installed in the horizontal arbour beams). The grapevines are thought to have been planted next to the old gaol in the 1860s. Amazingly, the vines still produce plenty of fruit – up to 200 bunches a year, which is very rare for vines of that age.

Digilin is proud to see its grow light technology being employed to preserve and sustain these important heritage vines.

Surface 75 linear systems and Taipan IP68 exterior luminares were also manufactured for the new museum.

You can read more about the history of the grapevines and long term volunteer, Ian Cameron, who has been tending to the grapevines since the 1960s here.


Distributor: HI Lighting