“Heaven” Sydney China Town Public Artwork

Located on the corner of Dixon Street and Little Hay Street in Sydney’s Chinatown, “Heaven” was first installed in 1997. Commissioned by the City of Sydney, the piece was designed by artist Peter McGregor, working with urban designer and architect Ken Maher, and architect and Feng Shui specialist Howard Choy.

The artwork underwent a restoration in 2017 and is still in operation today. The artwork lights up from 6pm to midnight every night. The piece’s larger fibre optic strands change colour every hour, while the smaller strands change every 10 minutes, rotating through a cycle of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. The colour changing sequence contains a code, which incredibly, tells the time if cracked.

“Drawing on Chinese architecture, mythology and philosophy, the work is colour coded based on feng shui diagrams, which place the work at the symbolic centre of Chinatown… It’s fantastic that it has survived the test of time. Public art is about creating something memorable and meaningful that works in an everyday space.” – Peter McGregor (2017)

Further information and an incredible video of the public art in action can be found at the City of Sydney’s website.


Artist: Peter McGregor
Client: City of Sydney
Photos: City of Sydney