Geelong Performing Arts Theatre

First built in 1981, the Geelong Performings Arts Theatre has long been the cultural heart of the local community. A reinvigoration of the theatre took place in 2010, during which point the decision was made to upgrade all house lighting to LED. Working with partners, Lightmoves and Electrolight, Digilin were engaged to manufacture the LED fittings that were to replace the 250+ halogen luminaires, which required such frequent replacing, that two unsightly winches almost permanently sat in the theatre. Over 170+ Icon fittings were manufactured and supplied for the project, in what was a massive technological leap for the theatre.

Electrolight’s theatrical lighting expert, Mark Trubridge, stated the following in regard to the project that he took lead on, “We think it is the first auditorium of that size in Australia to be fully house light with LED’s, and I’m very pleased that it has worked so well.”


Client: Geelong Arts Centre & Arts Victoria

Lighting Design: Electrolight

Architect: Studio 101 Architects

Structural Engineering: ARUP

Photos: Studio 101 Architects