Curtin University – Trading Room Refurbishment

Curtin University’s Trading Room, based at its Business School in Perth, is an innovative, state-of-the-art learning and teaching area for students studying financial markets and data analysis. The space has undergone significant technology and design upgrades during its recent refurbishment by LT Architect, as well as doubling in capacity. Complementing its sleek design and innovative technologies, the Trading Room’s lighting scheme is modern and bold, as well as enabling a high level of visual comfort by relying heavily on the use of indirect cove lighting.

Perforated panels surround the interior of the room and the centre column. The wall panels are back-lit by Digilin’s Curve 16 linear systems fit with high output RGBW, while the centre column is wrapped in RGBW HaloFlex. This design feature adds dynamic visual interest as well as enabling the room to glow with comfortable indirect lighting.

The same cove lighting approach has been applied to the centrepiece design feature – the wall mounted panels which have been shaped to form a price graph, wrapping around the corner of the entrance. An innovative application of lighting technologies to suit an equally innovative space.


Client: Curtin University
Architecture: LT Architect
Construction: Shape
Distributor: HI Lighting
Photography: Douglas Mark Black