Capital Square Perth

Capital Square is a 30-level commercial office tower situated at the western perimeter of the Perth CBD, and the home to Woodside Energy Limited. During construction, the main stairwells were identified as areas requiring increased light for the safety of the inhabitants, but also to provide a visual lift to a normally unremarkable space. The project designers wanted to encase the lighting into the timber handrails along the perimeter of the stairwells, as there were no other suitable locations for any lighting to be installed. The fact that the stairwell was entirely constructed from glass meant that the opportunity for cabling to the handrails was very limited and would require a custom solution.

Via our distributor HI Lighting WA, Digilin were asked to offer some advice and made the trip to Perth to get a first hand look at the challenges. After some consultation with designers and contractors Digilin proposed a custom linear LED system, to be housed into a routed channel at the bottom of the timber handrail. The cabling challenges were dealt with via the use of a custom LED PCB which allowed long run lengths and a series of pre-fabricated miniature connectors wherever connection points were required.

Digilin continued to support the contractor though the installation with comprehensive drawings, schematics and advice. The end result was a beautifully lit stairwell, from floating handrails that seamlessly traverse multiple floors, with absolutely no visible cabling. Challenge overcome!