Adelaide Convention Centre

The Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC) is one of the world’s most modern, flexible and technologically advanced venues. Comprising three distinct yet seamlessly integrated buildings, the Centre spans 20,000sqm of multi-purpose space. Digilin were extremely honoured to be chosen to design and manufacture a significant amount of lighting and controls for this iconic Australian venue.

Following initial discussions with our SA distributor HI Lighting, it was apparent that this $400m redevelopment would involve some very ambitious design elements and would require state of the art technology and some never before seen custom solutions.

Digilin’s expertise was deployed into some critical zones of the building to deliver the best possible performance and ongoing reliability. A great example of this is the house lighting for the plenary hall which required an LED solution with smooth dimming to ensure show starts have a nice fade to black, and show finishes don’t end with an abrupt “lights on”. Digilin’s capability to deliver this outcome for theatre lighting had been proven many times prior, but this large space with high ceilings was the biggest challenge to date. After some serious engineering, it was agreed that the space would be lit via a 170W LED highbay with custom smooth dimming DALI drivers. The results are outstanding and we are extremely proud to deliver on this world first solution.

A feature that has received much attention is the Starry Night system in the Plenary hall. This is the largest fibre optic starfield in the world with over 42,000 light points. Each light point is carefully located within panels underneath seating banks, which are raised when the venue is in function mode. The system uses different sized fibre optic cables illuminated by the Titan series lightsource and scintillation wheel for a realistic night sky effect. This impressive lighting feature provides the perfect ambience for functions and is fast becoming recognised as the preferred backdrop for premier events in the region.

Digilin linear LED, downlight and driver technology is deployed in many other areas of the venue, providing engineered lighting solutions with seamless control. We very much appreciate the opportunity to work with such a gifted project team.

Images and video are courtesy of the Adelaide Convention Centre.