Super Smooth DALI Dimming Drivers

Digilin have been dimming LEDs for lighting applications since the early 2000s and have always been a pioneer in developing suitable methods for LED control. These efforts have produced some outstanding products in the LDMX driver range, and the LDR repeater range, which are now considered staple items for linear dimming systems.

The dimming of constant current COBs presented further challenges in that these devices often end up in downlights and architectural luminaires, where a nice clean dim function was desirable. Digilin showed the way with the original dimming drivers for this type of luminaire providing reliable dimming with minimal bounce or flicker.

But what about dimming in critical projects such as theatres, cinemas and auditoriums? These projects have been spoilt using halogen and leading edge dimming systems for decades, so they will not settle for less than perfect dimming. What do they do when they want to upgrade to LED based house lighting?

They use Digilin Super Smooth Dimming Drivers of course!

The Digilin Super Smooth driver range was developed with these projects in mind. These drivers will dim a high-powered COB LED through thousands of steps all the way to zero with absolute lineal dimming precision. The magic occurs inside the device by using Digilin designed electronics and algorithms, with no special requirement of the installer or programmer. Super Smooth dimming drivers are available with DALI or DMX protocol meaning they are easy to integrate into existing theatre lighting systems.

Digilin have even designed custom super smooth dimming drivers for other manufacturers including a 170w LED Highbay, which can dim down to 0.001%. You can select a Super Smooth dimming option with the Digilin range of LED downlights or as a standalone device for third party luminaires in 270mA, 350mA, 700mA, 1050mA, 1400mA. These come with a 5 year onsite parts and labour warranty.