Sigma Highbay

Its human nature to progress, we can’t escape it. We are always looking for a better way or a better result in everything we do. It’s the same for us at Digilin, we are always searching for improvements in the products we make and the methods we employ. If there is a way to do it better we want to know about it. The Sigma Linear Highbay is a better way to light industrial spaces, and we want you to know about it.

The conventional high bay was a round fixture with a large reflector, this did not lend itself to the naturally available forms of LED lighting. While the first models of LED high bay, including our own Helios range, respected the traditional shape of industrial lighting, we all knew that change was on the horizon. The new Sigma from Digilin is a fresh approach to large space lighting, using a trapezoidal housing, and a selectable combination of LED array and optics.

The innovative design delivers up to 120 lm/w, basically twice the output of conventional “low energy” high bay fixtures. With selectable optics, the light gets to where you want it, especially when using the 100 x 20 degree lens which was specifically designed for pallet rack applications. The Sigma is manufactured to achieve IP65 rating as standard, while still utilising a hollow chamber for enhanced airflow.

As much as there is substantial design work to produce this amazing fixture range, it sometimes feels like the technology is starting to choose its own form. We will continue to embrace this, especially when the results are this remarkable.