PosiDim Mech

PosiDim Mech

The simplest LED dimming system available

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PosiDim provides smooth, precise, flicker-free dimming control of LED installations using high frequency PWM. Requiring no additional LED driver to drive up to 2A of single colour LED light fittings, such as Digilin’s range of linear LED systems, PosiDim is an amazingly simple dimming solution.

The mechanism is easily expandable with Digilin’s range of PWM repeaters, enabling it to control large runs of LED strip and even constant current fixtures. Fitting directly into any series 30 switch plate, PosiDim can easily be retrofit to existing installations. It operates on a non-linear dimming curve, which provides much greater accuracy in setting lower light levels.

PosiDim runs at 1250Hz to conform with IEEE1789 standards on flicker, which is critical to prevent the serious negative health impacts of both visible and invisible flicker on users of the illuminated area.



Input Voltage12-24VDC
Output Voltage12-24VDC
Output Current2A
PWM Frequency1250Hz
Control TypeSingle Colour (Dimmer)
Drive TypeConstant Voltage
Output TypeCommon Anode PWM
IP RatingIP20