Micro Cable Fibre

Micro Cable Fibre

Multi strand high transmission micro fibre in a protective jacket

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Designed for extremely tight spaces, Micro Cable Fibre provides the durability of a polyethylene jacket with the flexibility of multi strand fibre optics. Commonly used for creative projects, these cables pack quite a punch when connected to high output lightsources, and they have the tightest bending radius available for the entire fibre optic range.



Fibre Type Micro Cable Fibre
Fibre Quantity 32-64
Fibre Diameter (mm) 0.265-0.5mm
Units (EQ 0.75mm) 6-14.2
Min Bend Radius (mm) 22-35mm
Attenuation ? 0.20, ? 0.30
Max Run Length 15-20m
Spool SizeCut to size
Operating Temp-55°C to +70°C
Build MaterialHigh Grade PMMA, Polyethelene, PTFE Cladding