Fibre Optic Cables – Side Lit

Fibre Optic Cables – Side Lit

High Performance Fibre Optic Lighting Cables

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Digilin fibre optic lighting cables are manufactured from the highest quality PMMA polymers, resulting in exceptional light transfer with minimal attenuation. Fibre optic lighting cables are perfect for use in applications requiring decorative lighting systems or where conventional lighting systems will not provide a suitable result, or may present other complications. As fibre optic cables require no maintenance they can be installed into non-serviceable areas, which enables the user to overcome access challenges and servicing issues. Common applications include neon replacement, cove and pool lighting, building highlights accent lighting and decorative public art projects.



Version Cable Fibre (Multi Jacketed)
Fibre Configuration 16-144 x 0.75mm
Outside Diameter 8-18mm
Minimum Bend Radius 48-108mm
Build MaterialClear PVC Jacket, Ultra Grade PMMA
Fibre Diameter0.75mm
Max Run Length25m
Operating Temp-35°C to +60°C