CC DMX FusionDriver

CC DMX FusionDriver

CCR and PWM dimming fused for flicker-free dimming

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Digilin’s range of FusionDrivers guarantee smooth, flicker-free dimming from 100% to off by seamlessly combining CCR (constant current reduction) and PWM (pulse width modulation) dimming techniques into a single driver.

The FusionDriver uses CCR dimming from 100% down to 10%, before seamlessly switching over to high-frequency PWM dimming from 10% to 0%. RGB, RGBW and VariWhite versions are now available, with fixed colour versions currently in development. Providing such incredible benefits, FusionDriver technology is set to quickly become the new industry standard in best dimming practice.



Control Type VariWhite RGB RGBW
Output Current 700mA 1050mA 1050mA
Output Voltage Range 30-38V 12-22V 12-22V
Output Power 26.2W 23.1W 23.1W
Input Voltage 42V 24V 24V
Output TypeConstant Current Fusion Drive
ControlDMX, RDM
Channels2, 3, 4
Dimming Range0.4-100%
DMX ConnectivityRJ45 (CAT5)
DMX Load0.125 Standard Devices
Drive TypeConstant Current
Load ConnectivityScrew Terminals, Connector
CommunicationsDMX512 (E1.11-2008) / RDM(E1.20 –2010)
PWM Frequency1250Hz
IP RatingIP20
MountingDIN Mount, Direct Fix via screws
Build MaterialHigh Temp ABS
Ambient Temperature-10 to 45°C
CoolingFree air convection
Dimensions151mm (L) x 69mm (W) x 32mm (H)