CC DMX Driver

CC DMX Driver

RDM enabled DMX receiver with constant current PWM output

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The LDD series is a DMX receiver with multiple channels of PWM driven outputs for controlling constant current LED systems. The PWM outputs make use of Digilin’s special smoothed PWM transitions software making variations in light output almost imperceptible even at low levels.

In addition to DMX input, the LDD series also has a connector for direct interfacing to Digilin’s Colour Theme Controllers, making a complete system simple to install and control. LDD series is designed for worlds best dimming outcomes and includes multiple RDM selectable personalities, enabling selection of PWM frequency and smoothing time.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the LDD series has been deployed as the critical driveline in many iconic projects locally and internationally.



Control Type Single VariWhite RGB RGBW
Output Current 270-1400mA 650mA 350-650mA 350-650mA
Output Voltage Range 8-23V 8-23V 8-23V
Output Power 10-50W 14W 8-14W 8-14W
ControlDMX, RDM
Channels1, 2, 3, 4
Max Dimming Level100%
Min Dimming Level0%
DMX ConnectivityRJ45 (CAT5)
DMX Load0.125 Standard Devices
Drive TypeConstant Current
Input Voltage42-48VDC
Output TypeConstant Current PWM
PWM Frequency244Hz
IP RatingIP20
MountingDIN Mount, Direct Fix via screws
Build MaterialHigh Temp ABS