Bare Fibre

Bare Fibre

Highest quality fibre optic strands for intense miniature light points

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Bare Fibre is made using high-purity polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) that has low loss and high reliability. Bare Fibre allows delivery of light via extremely small cables with exceptional output. With all of the major benefits of fibre optics such as no heat, no electricity and no maintenance. Bare Fibre is commonly used for star ceilings and creative projects. Couple with a lightsource from Digilin for real wow factor.



Fibre Type Bare Fibre
Fibre Quantity 1
Fibre Diameter (mm) 0.75-3.0mm
Units (EQ 0.75mm) 1-16mm
Min Bend Radius (mm) 38-150mm
Spool Size (m) 150-2700m
Operating Temp-55°C to +70°C
Build MaterialHigh Grade PMMA, PTFE Cladding
Attenuation≤ 0.20
Max Run Length25m