3 Channel DMX/RDM CV LED Driver

3 Channel DMX/RDM CV LED Driver

3 Channel DMX/RDM CV LED Driver

LED Driver & DMX Receiver - 3 x 5A Channel PWM Out, DMX Dimmable (RDM), c/w screw terminals, requires additional p/supply (12-36VDC)


The LDD-CV05-RDM-03 provides control of LED lighting products using industry standard DMX512 or our Colour Theme Controller.

  • DMX or Colour Theme Controller Input  
  • Will drive almost any common anode LED fitting  
  • 5A per channel  
  • Perfect to control RGB colour mixing LED light installations  
  • Digilin's smoothed PWM transitions makes dimming seamless

The LDD-CV05-RDM03 is a DMX receiver with 3 channels of constant voltage PWM outputs for driving common anode LED fittings. The inclusion of RDM allows the user to configure the device, for example setting the DMX base address, without needing to directly access the driver.

The PWM outputs make use of Digilin’s special smoothed PWM transitions software making variations in light output almost imperceptible even at low levels. In addition to DMX input, the LDD-CV05-RDM-03 also has a connector for direct interfacing to Digilin’s Colour Theme Controller, making a complete system simple to install and control. 


  • Watts - 360
  • Dimmable - Yes
  • IP Rating - 20
  • Finish Material - Plastic Housing
  • Weight - 120gm
  • Length - 151mm
  • Height - 32mm
  • Width - 69mm