What We Do

Digilin designs and manufactures lighting and control products, using the latest technology. We are innovators and creators of high quality devices that deliver superior performance, efficiency and reliability. 

We are a Brisbane based company with an extremely capable R & D department employing full time engineers to develop new products, solve technical challenges and offer customised solutions. We also provide engineering and manufacture of electronic PCB technology for use in monitoring and integration applications. 

We manufacture our products and systems within our Brisbane production facility, and distribute them via an exclusive distributor network across Australia. We export to various countries to facilitate their project requirements or technical challenges that cannot be met by local suppliers.

The Digilin Difference

Digilin is quite unique in the lighting industry as we maintain engineering and production capabilities within Australia. Having both engineering and production capabilities under one local roof provides significant advantages> 

  •         We can ensure strict quality assurance procedures
  •         Products and systems can be built to order
  •         We can easily and quickly adopt the latest electronic technology
  •         We can customise systems locally to suit applications
  •         We can alter production schedules to facilitate urgent project requirements
  •         Customers/specifiers are able to discuss technology onsite with our engineers
  •         Customers/specifiers are able to view their orders in various stages of design & production
  •         We are able to employ Australian residents in all departments of our company
  •         We are able to source components and services from Australian businesses

Our History

Digilin was founded in 1980 by Mr. Jon Davis with a workshop in Brisbane’s West End. Originally operating as an electronic service and repair company, Digilin was considered the number one Sony service agent in Brisbane. The first “Digilin” branded products were actually high quality audio processing devices used in recording studios. 

Throughout the 80’s Digilin designed and manufactured seismic survey equipment for mining and geological exploration projects. It was in the mid 80’s that Digilin expanded into fibre optic lighting and quickly positioned itself at the forefront of the newly developing industry, with innovations and specialist projects locally and internationally. 

By the late 90’s technological breakthroughs had lifted the performance of LEDs to new heights and made successful LED electronic lighting viable for the first time. Digilin's extensive experience in fibre optic lighting and electronic design and manufacturing ideally placed the company in a position to embrace this new and rapidly expanding technology. 

Our Achievements

Over the decades since establishment, Digilin has enjoyed much success though design and manufacture of electronic, fibre optic and LED lighting products. A few examples of this are> 

  •         Designing rail signalling devices for QLD Rail
  •         Design and supply of decorative lighting for world expo 88
  •         Receive Energex Supplier Excellence Award (1995, 1996, 1997, 1998)
  •         Illumination of Melbourne Arts Centre spire
  •         Australia’s first commercial LED installation (1997)
  •         Design and supply of decorative lighting systems for the Sydney Olympics
  •         Australia’s first LED Linear Strip Product (2001)
  •         Australia’s first LED downlight to achieve better lumen output than a 50w halogen

Our Future

Digilin will continue to innovate new products to be utilised in the wider industry while also focusing on some key opportunities in niche markets where our superior technology can deliver huge advantages. 

We intend to improve our brand awareness locally and internationally by increasing our exposure in new and existing markets. Our goal is to become an iconic and easily recognised brand within the lighting industry and a highly regarded Australian company. 

We will embrace the challenges of manufacturing in Australia while enhancing our capabilities through use of better technologies and the development of our innovative team.