Guardian Warranty Scheme

It’s a fact of business that any purchasing or specifying decision comes with a certain amount of risk and uncertainty. In all cases, there are some factors that must be considered to ensure a satisfactory result and continued operation for many years to come.

The same applies to lighting products, where in many cases the origin of these products is unknown, leaving the purchaser to wonder:

  1. Will this item perform as expected?
  2. Will this item continue to be reliable?
  3. Will this item live up to the manufacturer’s claims?
  4. What kind of support will I have if it doesn’t?

Fortunately, these risks can be reduced by selecting products from reputable companies and ensuring that the items are provided with a genuine and reliable warranty.

After decades of lighting innovation and countless technical projects, Digilin has earned a reputation as a reliable Australian manufacturer by designing superior quality products, backed with exceptional tech support and customer service.

To further demonstrate our commitment to distributors, specifiers and end users, we hereby announce the Guardian On-Site Warranty scheme. This new scheme increases the cover of our warranty to include labour costs for assessment and rectification of any faults.

After more than four decades of designing and manufacturing high performance and ultra reliable lighting products, the initiation of a five year “on-site” warranty shows our total confidence in the product range and our commitment to risk free specification.

The Guardian On-Site Warranty Scheme has been effective from 1st May 2017 and is applied to all products manufactured by Digilin. Conditions do apply, so please check our warranty terms and conditions to confirm the extent of cover for your project.