Bundling together the debut of several new innovations, significant functionality expansions to our premium core ranges and two massive announcements, there sure is a lot to catch up on in this latest DRUM. As always, we’ve been working hard in the background developing new innovations, integrating the latest technologies into our existing ranges and refining our operational processes to ensure that we are delivering the greatest value possible to our clients and partners.

As a technical project partner, we see it as our responsibility to distill the vast performance specifications and capabilities of our products into clear pieces of information that enable our clients to solve their project challenges with certainty and ease. To this end, accompanying each of these releases is a dedicated webpage where you’ll find comprehensive product specifications, images, photometric files and dimension drawings. The built-in configurator tool for each product allows you to quickly get an understanding of which configurations are possible and to generate a specific datasheet for each available variant. Simply click on any of the products to go to their page on our website, or reach out directly to us or your regional distributor.

View DRUM #2 below, or download a copy here: DRUM #2