Pioneering Australian lighting & control since 1980

Digilin is an Australian designer and manufacturer of innovative lighting and control products that deliver superior performance, reliability and efficiency.

We’re an experienced team of engineers, designers and production experts that bring a solutions-based approach to our client’s lighting challenges, adapting to project requirements with flexibility and supporting project delivery with genuine, responsive technical support.

We manufacture our products and systems in our Brisbane production facility and distribute them across Australia through an exclusive distribution network. We also export to various countries to facilitate project requirements and technical challenges that cannot be met by local suppliers.

Proud Australian Manufacturer

Manufacturing locally provides our customers with greater flexibility and confidence. We have the knowledge, the experience and a dedicated team. We love what we do and we are proud to do it right here in Brisbane.

Inhouse engineering and design

Our strength is in our capacity to interpret a vision and turn it into a physical reality. Our experienced team design amazing products and bespoke solutions, and engineer them for performance and reliability

Comprehensive Technical Support

We are with you from start to finish. We provide all the information you need at every stage of the journey. Sincere and dedicated assistance to ensure your project runs smoothly and exceeds all expectations.

Guardian Warranty Scheme

A clear message of confidence from us to you. Our Guardian warranty scheme offers genuine on-site support if something goes wrong. The Digilin team will always be there to help during the most difficult times.

Our Achievements

Over the decades since our establishment, Digilin has enjoyed a great deal of success in the design and manufacture of electronic, LED and fibre optic lighting products. We have received widespread recognition and numerous awards for our efforts. Here are some of our proudest moments.

Designing both fibre optic and LED signalling devices for Queensland rail to ensure safe passage for rails passengers and a safe environment for rail workers.

Design and supply of decorative lighting to numerous displays and public spaces along what is now Southbank. A historic event for Brisbane and Australia, we were so proud to be involved.

For developing innovative monitoring devices, we have been the recipient of this award numerous times, including 4 years running in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998.

Illumination of one of the most iconic buildings in Melbourne and Australia. Completed in 1996, lighting projects don’t get much more challenging than this.

Manufactured and installed way back in 1997. The project was Mall Music in Sydney and Digilin designed and manufactured LED in-ground luminaires.

To be part of a pivotal moment in Australian history and to design and supply lighting and control systems for the worlds biggest sporting event is an honour and a privilege.

Developed in 2001 using the limited technology of the time. This system was used to illuminate elaborate stairways in an Arabian Palace. Our first foray into linear LED.

…to achieve better lumen output than a 50w halogen. It was 2007 and the Icon was in a class of its own. This range was a sign of great things to come.

Digilin pioneered the use of standalone controllers that were simple to use but capable of complex sequences, putting the control back into the consumers hands.

Designed and manufactured in Australia

Uniquely maintaining engineering and production capabilities within Australia provides our customers with significant advantages

Reliable engineering, detailed design and precision manufacturing is at the core of everything we do
Products and systems are built to order allowing adjustments to suit special project requirements
Strict quality assurance procedures ensure that our systems deliver fault free performance for a very long time.
Keeping our operations local allows us to easily and quickly adopt the latest electronic technology
It’s all happening right here, so we have the flexibility to customise systems to suit special applications
Our customers and specifiers are able to discuss projects and designs in person with our design team.
Our customers and specifiers are able to physically view their projects in various stages of design & production
We support other Australian businesses by sourcing components and services locally wherever possible.

Our Mission

To continually develop the most innovative and advanced lighting products, while delivering the best possible customer service. To further enhance our reputation as a progressive company with core values of performance, reliability and integrity.

What an amazing journey

Digilin was founded in 1980 in a small workshop in Brisbane’s West End. Originally operating as an electronic service and repair company, Digilin was considered the number one Sony service agent in Brisbane. It therefore stands to reason that the first “Digilin” branded products were actually high-quality audio processing devices used in recording studios.

Throughout the 1980s Digilin designed and manufactured all kinds of electronic gadgets including scoring systems for bowling alleys and seismic survey equipment for mining and geological exploration projects. It was in the mid 1980s that Digilin expanded into fibre optic lighting and the lightsources and controllers to operate them. Digilin quickly positioned itself at the forefront of the newly developing industry, with innovative products being supplied to specialist projects locally and internationally.

During the 1990s Digilin continued to create cutting edge illumination systems for use in varied projects such as Casinos and resorts, plus iconic building light-ups. By the late 90s technological breakthroughs had lifted the performance of LEDs to new heights and made reliable LED electronic lighting viable for the first time. Digilin’s extensive experience in fibre optic lighting and electronic design and manufacturing ideally placed the company in a position to embrace this new and rapidly expanding technology.

The years since the pioneering early 2000s has seen significant development of products and processes to ensure Digilin delivers the best outcomes for its many supporters. A series of breakthroughs in this period allowed Digilin to claim “first” to achieve many lighting milestones in Australia and possibly the world. It is in this period that Digilin forged its reputation for performance and reliability and many of these systems are still in operation today.

Design and build with the best

A reputation for quality and longevity is developed over many decades. Sure, it takes a lot of hard work to design and manufacture great products and bespoke systems. We must acknowledge and thank the many manufacturers that we turn to for either raw components or third party devices. We are extremely fortunate to have the ongoing support of these companies.

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