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Linear LED Dimming Options

Simple dimming arrangements for constant voltage linear LED. All LED systems can be dimmed, however some LED systems require complex componentry to ensure reliable dimming. In the case of constant voltage dimming systems, there are some simple methods that can be used to achieve dimming. As long as you can identify the protocol that you wish to use for dimming,

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Lux Figures & Colours

If you’ve paid attention to the lumens figures for multicoloured lights, you will have seen that the efficacy of the colours appears to be much lower than a standard white LED. So why is this? The short, and not very helpful, answer is because they are colours. But let’s dig a little deeper and provide a better answer. To start,

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Assembled Linear Vs Raw Components

We are often asked why we supply completed “ready to install” linear systems instead of raw strip and aluminium profiles. The number one reason is quality assurance, as we offer a 5 year “Guardian warranty” scheme for our linear products. To honour and support this warranty, we need to ensure that every step of the assembly process has been performed

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DALI Troubleshooting

Introduction All Digilin fittings are tested prior to dispatch from our factory. This test includes power-up of fixture and response to DALI broadcast commands. Most reported DALI issues are caused by field cabling, predominantly open circuit (or short circuit) of the DALI network. Troubleshooting Steps Have you checked the DALI wiring, looking for open circuits or shorts? An open circuit

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Achieving quality white light from RGBW LED systems

RGBW LED systems have been part of the Digilin range for many years, and they have always served as a colour mixing system with an additional white channel so that the system can produce a true (normally warm) white. Primarily these have been used in hospitality and entertainment applications where the RGB colour mixing can provide dynamic colour shows, however

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