Ranger Luminaire

Developed by Digilin for the increasing demand for suitable and safe lighting in walkways and stairwells. Ranger delivers exceptional light with no glare to assist with safe movement over stairs or uneven terrain. Ranger is machined from marine grade 316 stainless steel, and comes with a super durable IP68 rating. Pre-installation is simple via install sleeve and conduit to remote

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New Distinct Downlight

Designed to match common large downlight sizes, the Distinct is a simple solution for down lighting in large spaces. Using a contemporary lensing system and high-efficiency COB LEDs, the Distinct delivers high lumens. Distinct is available with all Digilin standard driver options including mains dimming, DALI and smooth DALI.

New Focus Series

The Digilin Focus range of profiles represents the next generation of linear lighting. A stylish finish and extremely low glare makes the Focus series the smart choice for surface mount and suspended linear applications. With the option of targeted or wide lighting distribution, the Focus series allows the light to be designed exactly where it is needed. Focus also offers
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Super Smooth DALI Dimming Drivers

Digilin have been dimming LEDs for lighting applications since the early 2000s and have always been a pioneer in developing suitable methods for LED control. These efforts have produced some outstanding products in the LDMX driver range, and the LDR repeater range, which are now considered staple items for linear dimming systems. The dimming of constant current COBs presented further

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Titan Has Landed

Today we celebrate the release of the Titan LED Fibre Optic Lightsource, a product that has been in such high demand but has defied completion due to its complex technical requirements, and the exceptionally high standards of Digilin engineering. This device has been on the wishlist of all of our regular associates and finally, a suitable combination of LEDs, optics

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Sigma Highbay

Its human nature to progress, we can’t escape it. We are always looking for a better way or a better result in everything we do. It’s the same for us at Digilin, we are always searching for improvements in the products we make and the methods we employ. If there is a way to do it better we want to

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