Redback Spider Warning

Published : 2018-05-16 18:27:54
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Redback Spider Warning

Digilin would like to issue a warning to all residents and visitors to Australia, please exercise caution when in the proximity of dangerous Australian wildlife, especially the Redback Spider. 

We have recently witnessed the serious consequences of a spider bite, when one of our staff members was bitten outside his home in country Victoria. Greg Allan (Internal Sales/Support) was tending to some domestic duties when he was inadvertently targeted by one of these dangerous little creatures, requiring a trip to the hospital to seek urgent medical assistance. Greg reported excruciating pain and throbbing to the (as yet undisclosed) area of the bite and some significant swelling. These symptoms remained for a couple of days but we are pleased to announce that Greg is now doing fine after some much needed rest.

The Redback Spider (Latrodectus Hasseltii) is a species of venomous spider indigenous to Australia, that typically lives in warm, sheltered locations, often in or around human dwellings. The redback is one of the few spider species whose bite does pose a significant risk to humans, as its venom can produce pain, muscle rigidity, vomiting, sweating, swelling of the genitals and in some cases death.

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