QUT Gardens Theatre House Lights

Published : 2017-07-31 02:19:39
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QUT Gardens Theatre House Lights

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is recognised as one of Australia’s leading Universities, after decades of educating and guiding some the nation’s brightest minds.

When a technology university selects some technology for its own facilities, you can be guaranteed that it does so after much research. So Digilin is extremely proud to be selected by QUT as the manufacturer of house lighting fixtures and control for the Gardens Theatre upgrade project.

Gardens Theatre is 400 seat performing arts venue which presents an annual program of professional theatre productions, product or corporate launches, keynote lectures or conferences, and cocktail functions or seated dining.

When it became apparent that a house lighting upgrade was necessary due to frequent lamp changes and ongoing maintenance, LED lighting was proposed.  However, as the venue had relied on halogen lamps and leading edge dimmers to fulfil its critical dimming requirements, there was some apprehension. It is well known that smooth dimming of high power LED’s can be challenging and requires quite sophisticated electronics to ensure a dimming curve suitable for theatrical environments.   

For the house lighting replacements, Digilin Liberty Series downlights were selected, powered by Digilin Super Smooth Dali drivers. The Liberty downlights provided the required light levels and consistent colour via 2700K warm white COB LED’s, with Digilin thermal management system and superior optics. The Super Smooth Dali drivers allowed perfectly smooth linear dimming all the way up and down the entire dimming range, plus a perfectly smooth dim to off capability that is necessary for show start blackouts and fades.

So a very positive transition from halogen to LED in a theatrical space, and the feedback has been fantastic. We appreciate the opportunity to work with such a highly regarded educational institution and we offer sincere thanks to James Sparks from Design Stage for his recommendation of our Australian Made lighting devices and support throughout this project.

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