Design follows product Concept..!

Published : 2018-08-12 20:55:48
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Design follows product Concept..!

As part of ongoing refurbishment, Melbourne Central retail precinct in conjunction with Buckford Illumination and Designers have created a unique lighting feature in thier Menzies Place space.

Using an array of timber dowels to create a curved parabolic ceiling panel, and integrating Digilins' versatile Javelin 18 profile.                                                  indirect 85

Javelin profile is a discreet, low profile extrusion offering a vareity of mounting options and a huge range of optics, to tailor the Light exactly as you want.

Diffused or focussed, from 120 to 15 degrees. Lightsources range up to a massive 2500lm/m for white, to 900lm/m in an RGBW and also 1600lm/m in a tuneable white. Team this with Digilins' industry-leading control and dimming solutions to give maximim flexibility from a linear lightsource.

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