Cyanosis Downlights

Published : 2018-06-25 22:26:32
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Cyanosis Downlights

Already considered one of the most versatile downlights around, the Liberty series by Digilin is now available in a cyanosis compliant version.

Cyanosis is a condition where the skin and mucous membranes give off a bluish discolouration, which indicates that oxygen levels in the blood are dangerously depleted. The ability of medical staff to reliably detect the onset of cyanosis by visual observation may be critical to a patient’s wellbeing. Cyanosis can only be detected under particular lighting and the Liberty Cyanosis has a Cyanosis Observation Index of 0.55 which is well below the 3.3 required for cyanosis certification.

Liberty Cyanosis is available with a 1730 or 2340 lumen package and selectable driver and dimming protocols.  And as a genuine Australian Made product by Digilin, these are covered by the Guardian 5 Year onsite warranty scheme.

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