ALMA Appointed NSW Distributor for Digilin

Published : 2018-06-03 23:19:20
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ALMA Appointed NSW Distributor for Digilin

Recently appointed as Digilin distributor for NSW, ALMA lighting will bring much experience and passion while representing Digilin in this region. ALMA management and key staff are skilled professionals with extensive knowledge of the Australian lighting market. So what’s in a name? ALMA stands for “Australian Lighting Manufacturers Agency”, and as a proud Australian manufacturer, Digilin is certainly excited to be associated with a company that promotes Australian made products.

ALMA delivers professional architectural lighting results for projects from residential buildings to retail to high end gaming venues. Customised and bespoke solutions combined with cutting edge LED technology are one of the services they offer from a network of Australian and international manufacturers. ALMA work closely with the Digilin technical team, to ensure all project solutions are engineered comprehensively and best fit for the application. Another fine example of Australian companies collaborating to service our local lighting market.

Contact details for ALMA can be found here

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